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They are not easy to find outside of a Chinese market, so buying in bulk is a good idea. Tel: +65 … Despite the ubiquity of ho fan in southern China and abroad, the noodle is not commonly found on menus in the rest of China. This noodle dish comes together quickly once you are ready to pan fry. Site By, asian recipes easy, chinese noodle recipe, chow fun, about 1/2 lb flank steak or sirloin, trimmed of fat, very thinly sliced against the grain, strands separated (or 7 oz. Note: This post may contain affiliate links; view my Disclosure Policy for details. One of Hanoi’s first two phở stands was even owned by a Chinese immigrant. Foodie-readers may also recognize ho fan from Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The word “fun” perfectly describes this delicious Chinese noodle dish which is fun to cook and even more fun to eat. green onions (both white and green parts), [amazon_link asins=’B00LGLHUA0′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’lifmadswe09-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’78ed8393-1bf1-11e8-bd6e-4d3d980d775d’], [amazon_link asins=’B073PZCCZM’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’lifmadswe09-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’910481fd-1bf1-11e8-9313-0967ca21406b’]. We receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using our links. This is topped with tender beef slices, ginger slices and spring onions. If using dry, once drained, drizzle with 1 teaspoon sesame oil and mix to combine to prevent sticking. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest recipe updates and our ebook! Serve hot with a pinch of hot sauce or a dash of white pepper. It makes a yummy snack and comes together quickly any time you’re craving noodles. … 300 g flat rice noodles hor fun / kway teow; 250 g Flank steak thinly sliced against the grain; 2 handful of bean sprouts; 5-6 slices of ginger; 3 cloves garlic minced; 1/2 yellow onion thinly sliced; 2 stalks spring onion cut into 2 inch pieces; Cooking oil Another similar noodle confused by Westerners is the nee tai mak which is like the hor fun and the bee hoon combined with Milanese pasta. Q Hor Fun. Slice your beef into thin strips across the grain. Just pre-soak the dried ones according to the instructions. You can usually find this simple but flavorful dish at dim sum restaurants in North America and breakfast or congee places in Hong Kong. The applications for ho fan are practically endless, though the noodle particularly shines in stir-fried dishes. This also seals in extra flavor and adds a crispy layer. Healthy & Delicious Recipes to sweeten up your life. Beef ho fun is my favorite Cantonese dish, and I always order it at dim sum restaurants! Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family, Kelly! Cook Time 30 mins. Add ginger and garlic and saute for about 10 seconds. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Add noodles to 4 quarts boiling water, cook 2 minutes. As the name suggests, these noodles are the specialty of Ipoh, a city in northwestern of Peninsula Malaysia, which is also the capital of the state of Perak. Just snap a photo and hashtag it #LIFEMADESWEETER or tag me @lifemadesweeter on Instagram. It is normally stir fried with meat or vegetables. Hor fun or shahe fen (Mandarin) originated from Guangzhou in Southern China region of Guangdong and its popularity proliferated into Southeast Asia. This dish is a favourite of my friend Vong! Delicious and healthier recipes to sweeten up your life. Toss in the red cabbage (if using), bean sprouts and the remaining green onions and remove from the pan. It is also known in Sabah as da fen ( … “kong foo chow” is a must-try! We do not have easy access to quality Penang style fried rice noodles, Sar Hor Fun (沙河粉) in Australia. There are 122 calories in 100 grams of Hor Fun. 0 /0. Remove wrapping from 1 package (20 oz) Dynasty Chow Funn Noodles. Kong Moon Mei Fun Rice Stick Noodles Rice Vermicelli Net WT: 16oz Pack Comes with Free Vipo Brand Fork and Spoon (4-Pack) 4.7 out of 5 stars 34. In fact, a very similar style of noodle is used for the Vietnamese staple phở. It’s the first day of Chinese New Year so I’m sharing another yummy noodle dish. Gong shi fa cai! Wat Tan Hor or flat noodles in egg gravy uses flat rice noodles called kuay teow, of which the fresh ones is available in all wet markets in Asia whereas the dried forms are readily sold in most Asian grocery stores. Keep in a cool place. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. You may need these supplies for this beef chow fun recipe: Beef Chow Fun - Stir fried ho fun rice noodles with tender beef, bean sprouts, green onions coated in a simple but flavorful savory sauce. Chao fen is the Mandarin word for a ho fan stir-fry, and chow fun is the Cantonese version. dried wide rice noodles prepared according to package directions), can substitute with gluten free tamari or coconut aminos for paleo-friendly version. Flat rice noodles just make me weak in the knees. The noodle style is believed to have originated in the town of Shahe, from which it gets its name, though the town is now part of Guangzhou‘s Tianhe district. You can usually find fresh noodles at an Asian market in North America but if not, you can also use dried flat rice noodles. It is best to make your own calculations to ensure accuracy. Add the noodles and spread into an even layer. I'd love to see! Yes, this is the city where Cantonese food was born, and thanks to the early emigration of Cantonese people to places like the western United States, most Chinese food in such places is based on Cantonese recipes. Saucy Beef Chow Ho Fun Noodles or “sup chow ngau ho” is for the sauce lovers out there and a nice change from the classic “dry fried” beef chow ho fun, or “gon chow ngau ho.” Dry vs. Saucy Chow Fun A proper Gon Chow Ngau Ho is all about extra high heat searing beef, noodles… Those stir fried ho fun dishes … Rinse with cold water and drain well. Posted February 16, 2018 In Asian, Beef, Chinese, Chinese New Year, Noodles / Pasta, Recipes. My whole family--especially the eight-year-old--loves these wide rice noodles (chow fun). https://recipesaresimple.com/recipe/char-hor-fun-rice-noodles-in-egg-gravy A classic Cantonese Beef Chow Fun Noodles recipe (aka Gon Chow Ngo Ho) made with fresh flat ho fun rice noodles and tender flavourful beef slices that is simple and quick to throw together so you can enjoy this any day of the week! It is commonly found in yum cha restaurants in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and overseas, as well as in cha chaan tengs. Taste and adjust with salt, pepper or more soy sauce if needed. It has this smooth silky consistency that glides effortlessly down your throat. “fun” comes from the name of the wide rice noodles, called hor fun … Do not freeze. * Nutrition facts are provided as a courtesy using the WPRM recipe calculator. Flat and sometimes cut shortly, cooked in either dry or gravy. Prep Time 1 hr. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. Known as gon chow ngau huo in … If you are using dry chow fun noodles, please follow the … The signature item is ngau yuk hor or beef hor fun noodles with gravy. The Singapore Hor Fun is a classic hawker centre (street food) dish of Chinese origin. Add enough oil to swirl around to coat the wok (about 1 tablespoon). It is often said that one of the biggest differences between northern and southern China is the wheat/rice divide. www.chineserecipesforall.com/recipes/view/beef-ho-fun-noodles In a medium bowl, combine the beef, soy sauce, sesame oil, starch, and black pepper. However the enjoyment factor has nothing to do with the name. Hor Fun (Flat rice noodle in gravy) Posted on 25 December, 2014 Yum. kong foo chow is one of my favorite type of fried noodles. Add beef and sear until just brown. Wat Tan Hor a.k.a. While Chow Fun, Mei Fun, Chow Hor Fun, Hor Fun, Chow Mei Fun are all different names for the same rice noodles. Plus, they are … The ivory white noodles with their tender, slippery … Prepare the noodles according to package instructions. Like the Mui Fan, this is another one of my favourite local tze char dish. Wat Tan Hor (Cantonese Fried Noodles with Silky Egg Sauce) a.k.a. The noodles (hor fun) is quite delicate and must be stirred quickly and carefully to prevent the noodle strains from falling apart. I’ve actually been to Ipoh for a week-long holiday and the Ipoh Hor Fun in Ipoh rocked. Soft, flat rice noodles on a bed of gloriously, silky and thick sauce, this is Singaporean Zi Char food at … Add the dark and light soy sauce and mirin and toss the noodles evenly. There was an error submitting your subscription. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Add half of the green onions along with the white onions and continue cooking for another 30 seconds to a minute, until fragrant. Please try again. Freezing for 20 minutes helps. Check your email for a confirmation link. Ho fun (He fun, shahe fun) is a wide flat rice noodle, popular in Southern China especially in Guangdong province. It is one of the most well-known cities famous for the quality of street food in Malaysia. https://recipesaresimple.com/char-hor-fun-rice-noodles-in-soupy-egg-gravy I earn a small percentage from any purchase you make by clicking on these links. An iconic Ipoh street food comprising silky hor fun (rice noodles) steeped in a delicate prawn and chicken broth. The noodles are made by mixing rice flour with water, salt, and cooking oil, then cutting the resulting dough into wide, thin strips, almost like a wide tagliatelle. Ho fan, alternatively called shahe fen or chow fun depending on the transliteration and where the dish is being served, is a Chinese rice noodle used primarily in Cantonese cooking.The noodle style is believed to have originated in the town of Shahe, from which it gets its name, though the town is now part of Guangzhou‘s Tianhe district. Toss in the vermicelli and do a quick stir. For fresh one, you can find as “hor fun noodles” at your local Asian store. Or alternatively, add beef and marinade to a large zip-top bag - seal and shake. Once you confirm, you'll receive a link to download the printable! Noodles: You can use either fresh or dry rice noodles. Beef hor fun (dry-fried rice noodles) A member of the SCMP family. Have all your sauces and ingredients ready to go. I love the mouth-feel of rice noodles anyway, and wide is just that much more fun. In Guangdong China, authentic Beef Chow Fun calls for fresh ho fun noodles which you can easily purchase at the market. Remove beef and transfer to a plate. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. This noodle dish in a silky egg-based sauce hits all the right notes. Wat Tan Hor … 99 ($19.99/Count) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. Delicious in its simplicity, the ho fan-style noodle hides a wealth of history behind its chewy exterior. I remember I made two mixing bowls worth of beef hor fun one Saturday afternoon. Ho fan is an incredibly versatile noodle, especially given the lightness of its flavor. The sauce or gravy is very similar to Mui Fan. Add lifemadesweeter@gmail.com to your email contacts so that you don't miss it. Beef chow fun is a staple Cantonese dish, made from stir-frying beef, hor fun (wide rice noodles) and bean sprouts. The 4 … $19.99 $ 19. Marinate for at least 30 minutes. This post may contain affiliate links. Additionally, the noodles are also common in soups. I love the “dry” version where a brown shoyu sauce is … Sometimes you may find it spelled as Hor Fun, He Fen or Ho Fun. For both fresh and dry, be sure to separate them before frying. That is to say, northern China prefers wheat-based dishes as staple foods – think noodles and dumplings – whereas southern China relies on rice-based staples. The noodles are called 鸡丝河粉 (pronounce as Gai Si Hor Fun) and 怡保河粉 in Cantonese. Beef chow fun is a Cantonese dish made from stir-frying beef, wide rice noodles (he fen or huo fun), scallions, ginger, bean sprouts and dark soy sauce. We expressly disclaim any and all liability of any kind with respect to any act or omission wholly or in part in reliance on anything contained in this website. Heat wok over high heat until you start to see smoke. Tenderize the beef with some corn starch or arrow root starch. Either served in stir fry recipes or soup recipes. Allow the noodles to fry for about 20 seconds (for a light toasty layer to form). It is a kind of flat and wide rice noodles in southern china especially in Guangdong province. You get beautifully wok charred flat rice noodles with a slight chewy taste paired with gravy that they mix an egg through. Though the name may not be familiar to Western readers, the noodles themselves surely are, as they are the base of the internationally popular beef chow fun. In general, if you see ‘fun’ in a noodle dish name, it is rice noodles included! Beef Chow Fun (干炒牛河 – Gon Chau Ngo Ho) were my absolute favorite Cantonese dish when I was growing up. It is believed that the modern phở dish grew in popularity due to its wide consumption by early 20th-century workers from Guangdong and Yunnan provinces, who saw enough similarities between the Vietnamese soup and what they were used to back home. Thank you! Please see our Privacy Policy for more details. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. The ingredient–flat rice noodle is named as “河粉” HeFun in China. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". Use chopsticks or tongs to stir the noodles – this prevents the noodles from sticking and breaking apart. COPYRIGHT ©2020 Life Made Sweeter. PIN HERE to save and follow ME ON PINTEREST for more delicious recipes. Another name for this dish is wat tan hor (Cantonese), which literally means “silky egg fried noodles”. They are pan fried flat rice noodles made with stir-fried beef, ho fun (wide rice noodles also known as 河粉” HeFun, Hor Fun or He Fen). Ho fan, alternatively called shahe fen or chow fun depending on the transliteration and where the dish is being served, is a Chinese rice noodle used primarily in Cantonese cooking. Course Main … If using fresh, separate the noodles into strands so they do not stick when frying. They are pan fried flat rice noodles made with stir-fried beef, ho fun (wide rice noodles also known as 河粉” HeFun, Hor Fun or He Fen) You can usually find this simple but flavorful dish at … Add more oil to coat the wok (about 2-3 tablespoons). Directions. Hope you enjoy lots of great foods and here’s to a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you and yours! Ho fun noodles have always been one of my favorites and yours with beef is the ultimate classic. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Hor Fun including 1 oz and 1 cup. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Kelly! Sign up now to get a FREE low carb / Keto-friendly recipe e-book, plus access to subscriber exclusives! Guangzhou, where the noodle style originates, is also known by a different name abroad: Canton. 5 Cross Street, Market Street Interim Hawker Centre #01-26, Singapore 048418. Chow fun, or stir-fried hor fun (shahe fen) noodles, is any number of different individual preparations (and could be compared to the number of pizza varieties in United States cuisine). Add the beef back into the pan and toss to coat everything evenly. Can be easily prepared at home. Because the noodles are so light by themselves, they absorb the flavor of any meat they are cooked with and add little more than a fun, chewy element to a dish. Drain well. Heat up a wok and add 1 1/2 tablespoon of cooking oil. Subscribe now and receive a free eBook, low-carb meal plans, cooking tips and exclusive content right in your inbox. The main ingredient is the fresh rice noodle known in Cantonese as haw fun or hor fun, and in Mandarin shahe fun. Use in soups and stir fry combinations or as noodle base for your favorite recipes.

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