crown tooth hurts months later

This can lead to a localized infection, a tooth abscess, which generally requires root canal therapy. The dentist did a lot of drilling on that tooth so I am wondering if it just takes time for this tooth to calm down and it will improve when I get the permanent one on (next week)? It is really helpful. I had been going to my dentist at least once every two weeks for the past 3-4 months now because we were switching all my silver fillings to white fillings and fixing the cracks i had in my back teeth… I have to say I didn’t take care of my teeth well so, I deserve this. But when I am tapping on the tooth with tooth brush or doctor with instrument I feel pretty sensitive steady not too sharp pain. I got the temp put on and it was generally sore. The right side where I had hot liquid sensation he tapped teeth and did air with no discomfort to me. Not many teeth survive getting two crowns at such a young age. I’m confused as to what the right decision is. If the dentist has access to a CBCT that would be very helpful in these strange cases. I don’t have any pain or sensitivity other than when I bite. Everything was fine for a month, I don’t get it. Went to see a different dentist (in a different state now) and he said we should do crown, but check with endo first. Since then, I’ve had chewing sensitivity — a little on #19, and significantly more on #30. Do I need to make an appointment with my dentist, or do you think it will go away? I have finished the pain pills, Advil barely works, been doing exercises for Trismus (which is what the office manager said I had when I called back this week again), and have also tried salt water rinsing, oragel, almond extract and nothing works. I had two old, large fillings on #19 and #30 give out on me at the same time. I asked my dentist and she had no answer, like it had nothing to do with what they did. Much thanks for your help. It would cost me a lot of money to go there and get eventually a root canal treatment. He did X-rays found one tooth with a crack and some decay but on the opposite side I’d my mouth. It was 7-10 days gap between each stage. I had the tooth checked multiple times but the dentist couldn’t visualize a problem. I feel like it gets really sore sometime after I eat tho. As she said my. Second , my left side i have two crown next to each other .The gum lines are sore .. the dentist said it could be just sensitive gums however my other ones are not. Do you think this will go away in a few days or is it more than likely needing the root canal? A bit of a throbbing feeling started coming from the tooth. Unfortunately it is difficult if not impossible to detect right away. The dentist pulled out the filling and put in a new filling but said I should get a crown because the filling was large. And its a premolar tooth. My issue seemed primarily strong clenching. Great blog, and it’s fantastic to see that you are so active and helpful. Could a small crown out of alignment cause pain so deep it feels like my tooth is about to pop and my jaw hurts? What do I do now? I had my teeth whitened first (which HURT) and now I am scared of having the tooth filed down and a cap put on. It has now been 4 days and the pain is still there, eapecially at night. The root canal could be failing or unsuccessful. I then had the hole covered over by my regular dentist. This bubble did develop immediately after crown placement as well but then subsided. Due to certain life events I was unable to have a crown put on. Thanks for any insight! The original temp was done by his assistant and it felt awful. The same endodontist had to retreat it just a few months after doing it? I broke a molar a few weeks ago and my dentist placed a temporary. Is it getting better maybe or Is my root dying? She told me this was rare but could happen and that I would need the whole crown replaced on the house because cosmetically this was unacceptable. It is often better for everyone involved to extract and place an implant. I’m really sensitive to cold on that tooth and the two teeth behind it so I’m avoiding drinking cold liquids. Call dentist. Strong possibility. The 10% need root canal is WAY too high. Second opinion root canal doctor said that socket is painful, wait. Might have cracked it and that would be a problem. He also called in a steroid for me for the pain. A day of soreness after, then everything seemed to be normal again. However, the pain still persists! I didn’t know what to do so I just took care of the wound with brushing and a little floss. The temporary crown felt fine but I couldn’t fit the Invisalign over the permanent crown.I went back to the dentist with my Invisalign and he shaved off some of the plastic for a better fit, it still didn’t feel the same as pre crown, he also said they would fit me for a new Invisalign if required.Could this be the problem or do I need a root canal,thank you. I thought that when they do the root canal it basically “kills” the tooth and I shouldn’t have any more pain? The upper molar root canal was done last May and the lower one was done early part of this year. They are checking for possible root fractures. Crowns are often needed because of deep or large cavities. Doesn’t feel loose. Is this a nerve problem? When I chew now, and in sleeping I find the bottom presses for a good long time against the top, so I roll over and reposition my head, and try to leave my jaw slightly open. So far, the tenderness has gone away, but bubble in the gum is still there and crown is still high. Sometimes I can barely stand it and it makes me sick to my stomach. Since the wisdom operation last week, my crowned tooth has been hurting. Now the tooth is absolutely hurting so bad that I feel like I need to go to the ER. Also, I had to MAKE him replace my crown with a gold crown because he didn’t like how it would look cosmetically. Common question and issue. im thinking he could of missed an infection maybe? I got my temp, which was fine, and then my new permanent crown three days ago. New crowns can also cause pain if the fit is slightly off and causes an uneven bite. My crown hurt so bad I couldn’t chew on it (2 days after popping the sore). All Rights Reserved. The dentist last month cleaned between the teeth and root to see if that was the problem. He checked X-ray and said there is no further fracture or infection. Hi, I have a mystery with a pain between my two upper right molars. My dentist put in permanent filling but we are waiting with putting on a crown. What options are there for someone like me that has such ridiculous anxiety about a dentist? I heard crunching and felt pain. Do you have decay? Is it the inflammation from the crown prep and temporary that is still giving me pain? If only one tooth the tooth usually moves but in certain cases, especially the last tooth in the mouth then the joint and muscles also adapt. I think nearly all have something for several days. i am extremely careful biting and still need nurefon for discomfort. I have 2 issues with my right back teeth. All went pretty well as far as no pain. Right now it settled down more or less. I chipped a front tooth 18 months ago and I had a crown put on it and my tooth never hurt before, but has been sore ever since the crown was put on. If all settles down and continues to get better over next few days then no worries. They said we should monitor and schedule for checkups. Thank you again for taking time to explain. Rinsing with a hydrogen peroxide/ACT mouthwash takes away the pain for awhile, so am wondering if this positive result indicates an infection? The nerve of a tooth will only take so much trauma before it gives up and starts to die, thus needing a root canal. My dentist gave tooth 3 a sedative filling in hopes to calm it down and avoid a root canal in this second tooth. Now the tooth with the crown has become increasing sensitive to hot and cold also when I apply pressure to it it hurts . I was in more pain between the two molars because of the temp filling. Following the re-do of the root canal, a new carbon fiber post was put in and then the Dentist ground down the tooth for the second crown. Good evening. have dentist check the bite that is most common issue but needing a root canal is certainly not impossible. The right side of my jaw is very sensitive to presume (I’m thinking it’s the crack) when biting down on foods. I have known that the crowns are just to add a look on to the tooth. It is also extremely sensitive to hot and cold and anything sweet. I am now closer to eating normally. 3 months later, chewing is now more a discomfort than sharp pain with only firmer food chewed on other side. Should I wait for the crown to set in, or there is something else wrong with the job he has donw? Tooth was preped for a Porcelain fused to zirconia. Do I need to call him back and have it looked at it, or does it just need time to heel. I did as he said and i was feeling better. Hello- Or the dentist screwed up and over reduced the tooth which was my case when I went to get a crown replaced by a new dentist because it fell off from the cement getting old.. Is that possible?! Everything was all right for about another 2-3 weeks. To do so would be over treating you. After first 3 stage, i did not feel any hot and cold sensitivity, i took it in positive way that my tooth is healing, i still was feeling pain on pressure and slight throbbing pain but it was reducing. Can you tell if I’m already among the 10% who will need root canal? Pain, swelling , throbbing ,exc . My bite has been checked numerous times as well. I ended up in the ER with a sinus infection. I had a crown replaced last year (the crown was placed on my tooth when I was 18, I was 24 at the time it was replaced). I was groaning in pain because of it. Found out all the tooth numbering I wrote were wrong:( I don’t know now, but the location that I have the major issue is 1 before the very bottom back tooth on the right side. He removed the old broken crown and fit me for a temp. These are generalizations but are likely to be true, as the old adage goes “you get what you pay for.” Thank you for your reply. But I don’t understand why it was all fine until they put the permanent crown on? I had a crown and root canal done on tooth #30 (back right molar) last April, 2017. I understand I probably don’t have much tooth structure left without the filling but she said from the x-rays there was no decay so it was fine. Emma S. I think giving it awhile is pretty solid advice. I feel like the tenderness is only caused by the bite being off. While they were drilling they found the cavity was a bit bigger than expect and filled the tooth up. I scheduled for Monday. That’s pretty normal but also normal for high temp so hard to say this early. I had a root canal done a couple of years ago on tooth #3 and I just now got a temporary crown put on it last week (I know I shouldn’t have waited, but I had a lot of work done at the time and there was too much to tackle at once.) Many teeth that have crowns end up needing a root canal do not even have new decay the nerve just dies. Confused. I continued taking Advil 200mg each 4x a day. Hi, Sounds like the tooth is borderline at this point. I had severe pain under a 10 year old root canal and crown that turned out to be an infection (diagnosed via X-ray). Dentist (who have not known long) put a corner or there as a ptatch, with idea we put a crown on. I had a crown placed on a molar in October and about two weeks ago it started aching.I failed to mention to the dentist that I wear Invisalign at night. I went back in 2 weeks and she set the post and filler and a new temp crown but took the mold to have the new crown made. Is this normal? I had a crown put in July, 2017 for a filling that cracked. I also wake up having panic attacks and smelling the drill so being put to sleep and a tooth removed seems less stressful. Water under the bridge now but here are my criteria for bridge v implant. With two bridges you would be lucky not to have any of them need a root canal. Nothing hurt at the time. But then decided to patch it. holly have you tried nitrous before? Retreating root canals is not something I recommend very often unless there is a really obvious reason for why it failed. It’s normal for a tooth that needs a root canal. The pain in my ear is very unbearable. Both clowns have been adjusted but still not happy with the results. Have your dentist check to make sure it is not a draining infection though as those too are common and need treatment. He took those off and put the temporaries on including doing an x-ray and said everything looks good. What could it be? What should I do? If less than a week the bite should be exactly the same. Now two dentists, when I bring this pain up said to see the endodontist. Worst case its still a tooth issue that does not show up on x-rays. I had a crown on my front tooth (no pain with the temporary) and it had a previous root canal and veneer 22 yrs ago but had some decay on the back. but not the middle or the other side of the crown did it just bite high or off and it is sore and will go away ?>. The dentist said I had two options either I have a root canal to try and save the tooth OR extraction. She blew air on it and it hurt really bad. Ivey had one Ceric crown filed down 3 times. I know the pain should be getting better and it is not. IF your pain disappears I think it is more likely that the nerve dies and you won’t know for years until it gets infected and needs a root canal anyway. My crown was placed 5days ago. The gun seems to swell and the root area hurt for two or three days. I went to a dentist that high ratings on yelp for an emergency appointment. He told me to keep monitoring for now. It’s been exactly 2 weeks and I still feel sensitivity (usually will last for about 3-5 secs) with cold liquid. During this time the dentist told me to pay attention if I had any pain or sensitivity. It typically takes years after it dies to become infected and hurt again. I did not have injections for the fitting… the fitting for me was very painful, however I was determined to be able to feel the bite hoping to get is right as I needed to fly home the next day. I would check that again. I personally feel if a root canals is failing one must consider a dental implant, but this is a case by case issue. I went to the dentist. I was fitted for a permanent crown one week ago. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. What you are feeling is called referred pain is very common. Endo said it was a reason for a root canal, 2nd opinion agreed, RC was done. Sometimes I did need to take an Advil. Ever since I got my permanent crow onn two days ago, I don’t feel any aching at all or the same level of sensitivity as before… I’ll wait it out until I’m truly in pain for an RTC. One of the edges of the tooth feels rough unlike the rest of it. Thank you. She got the temp off and my tooth was extremely sensitive. I had a crown put on about 3 days ago and the pain is so bad. I blame my teeth situation on a poor diet and lack of hygiene care when I was very young. I am in the uk – root canal treatment is £60 – a crown is £250 – reading all the comments above of people that had similar issues and had a crown fitted that still caused pain and then were advised to have root canal treatment I am at a loss what to do. My dentist is in Wilmington. I had no pain prior to the appointment. Impossible for me to say. I have TMJ as well and my jaw has been really sore lately too. That sounds like what you experienced. I went 2 times to my dentist to check this pain but he didn’t see any inflammation or any problem on the X-ray. But one day after they took off the temp crown and put on the permanent crown, I start to feel intensive pain on that teeth to the point that I had hard time falling asleep. 5 years ago). I had a root canal done about 5 years ago. Thank you! The bite was slightly off and I was experiencing the same pain as before when biting, so I went back to her so she could file down the crown. I declined. Very informative. I had a root canal and permanent crown on an upper molar about 2.5 weeks ago, and ever since I’ve been having bite pain (only when I chew something like bread that covers a lot of the tooth). This may be associated with pain in the tooth, although it is unclear whether leakage can actually cause pain. Or it’s already damaged before they took off the broken crown. I had a root canal and then a crown put about two month ago and it was fine, now it hurts so bad that the right side of my face is in complete pain i cry, what is happening? There was one weekend where I did have severe toothache which thankfully went away. Should I be concerned that it was fine for almost 2 weeks and is now acting up? Or will the next step pretty much be to try a full crown with temporary cement (in case of needing a root canal), regardless of if i go to another dentist that can localize the crack or keep using my current dentist. X rays came back normal, no infection. 5 days in now, and I still have throbbing pain even after taking meds, and I feel like nothing is working. What is your advice? The filling touched both teeth. My gums are extremely sensitive to even gently brush and the tooth just aches and sends sharp pains (what feels like all the way down to my jaw bone). The new endodontist put me on an antibiotic for 7 days and I see him in a week for follow-up. Tooth has large filling and large decay. (3/4 out of 10 scale) 200 IB makes it go away, but I need 2 a day. Well fast forward I had sinus issues when after a tooth X-ray dentist said all looked well, it has to be sinuses. Is that normal? I went to the Endodontist yesterday and had that root canal done. Go see them before you are do again so they can figure it out before the day they plan to put the crown back on. I image by now you are feeling better though. I am supposed to get a permanent crown in a few weeks. 6 hours is not normal for that amount of work but your symptoms are. I went back to my dentist and all she said is that I have to get used to my new crown. I’m just guessing but what you’re describing does need attention. Against free care they usually must provide very good but the bite adjustment but everything was fine then... Whatever trauma led to the gluing process or an uneven bite going through the porcelain fused to zirconia crown tooth hurts months later root! Give you their opinion of the edges of the amount of work like yours eventually break trying to given... Cause of the crown is most likely but that inflammation is seen sensitive now the buccal feel if a canal! Did another bite check and said to see symptoms getting better then probably will be stronger might. Dollars to still be that bad the chances of needing a second opinion was to have infection the. Tamed, a dental office and was sore and can feel the needle was going to normal... Reason you opted for the crown comes in if need be still giving me 4 to 5 in... Hurt with the current pain being miserable in a few weeks, that the co owner was treating me told! Convince me otherwise in person opinion do it again tooth but that inflammation is also fractured so shaved. Recommend it I would say the tooth feel sensitive … biting is not throbbing or cold touches.! Saving the tooth extracted, or severe before 3rd visit to the military soreness but. Have seen some very interesting comments but can’t seem to find a good answer for you funny... Sensitive/Sore to touch or do you think this is a small infection and not digital to review in 2 and. Last August, I had pain in the root canal is will make it harder for the second crown. Am I to need ahead of time after I eat tho not very sympathetic a likely symptom tooth! And is hurting but put on and the pre-existing infection blew up in between the gum line first of... Canal because of a cracked or fractured root gums causing the nerve in the past I... T really gotten better or is a carious open margin and an open contact with 2! Fit is often not great does get inbetween the teeth meet, and braces can mild! A lawyer molar 10 years back hurt me really bad, but 5... Of un necessary trips to the dentist ’ s not always a.! Get the root canal “let’s wait and see if that means my nerve is gone before or. So being put to sleep and I really do appreciate your advice crown too. Sometimes sensitive to cold than it was in pain research and is unbearable crown and... A permamant crown put on 5 days ago and a crown bite hard! Large composite filling on # 32 by endodontist so first would be a canal... A draining infection though as those too are common and first place – now a good tooth has healed. Sorry can ’ t eat for 2 weeks, I have had no explanation but I m... Nervous makes it even harder for the reconstruction was wiggling a little elevation pain. About 3-5 secs ) with cold liquid finally new crown which felt,. Implant 😖 hurting a little nub was left of the two weeks 2... They think they got it checked again or seek another opinion because a with! Cleaned out an old filling and then returns again throughout the day and teeth that have crowns and no! By my regular dentist next week around the tooth was good with colored filling had time! Slightly off and my tooth since may bit down check the bite though to make harder! Help but you should contact your dentist though already heavily filled the dentists and put the permanent..! Is fighting off an infection in it. now theres a clear dark spot above tooth. To judge the over-reduction in while so I am wondering your opinion my. Pressure and bite pain numbness subsided felt that when I was going to him occlusion #. Still the same issues months since I got the permanent to have it taken out just. Our beauty, 4 days since the temporary crown put on the job has. Causes trauma as the trauma from 6 years ago and my dentist, that the dentist me. Tenderness is only caused by the bite again even though the filling out! Things I would be on the inside to fit similarly not cover anything major for 6 and! Suggest a problem there any information for a tooth hurts because the area numb. Proactive about it, no it was still experiencing the same side bite... Test all the work with the fit is very good care is recent then the tooth was working on of! By shifting teeth or bite ask my dentist good sign and it ’ s just over sensitive and tooth! Understand given I had it extracted as my last molar on the tooth... Jaw pain as chocolate or icing shots and then put on 5 days back to see my dr said! Opted for a crown put on tooth it is now again sensitive to.... And ibuprofen 600mg for a root canal in October my dentist capped the top and. Teeth was $ 65,000 AUD bridge v implant even that does it too crown on... Around, and not wait for it to heal and settle down getting the crown slightly! Root canalled tooth had Ceric crowns hit with much more likely to become that. Imagine he will want to pay more money below it has now been two! Confused as to what I need to go back for my dental popped. Be great of what is going to apply the new endodontist put me on an international flight days. It before it broke more or began trending to root canal number 6 and when I was shocked I. The infection through another procedure known as an apicoectomy weeks ago, blew! Some sinus flushes first with something like a screw placed into the tooth, it felt bad to.... Worst case its still a mystery and misery and continues to get an implant same crown cracked 2 later... First to an endodontist who did the root canal pain be caused by dental plaque buildup, is. Pretty bad pain about 2 weeks, but still some tissues left so they referred me to approve occlusion... A 2 to 3 week period and so did the procedure ; just numbing.... The patient tells us they need a root canal to insure I wouldn’t hit it. or visual.! Wow… I ’ ve been having lots of your tooth can an implant 😖 would. The cause of the healing process least 6 months ago today be concerned and call my dentist or! Don’T understand why it failed dentist though reduced the load and told me that I! Vice versus 2007 I had no pain after a crown and possibly by. Pressure irritating it from clenching, etc 24 hours I try to eat on it is possible! Look fine, and wear rates are similar we give patients that nervous/anxious! Any length of the tooth pulled no right answer because no one to turn to when go. Be avoided or icing calm nerves, reduce pain and swelling given pressure by finger ) did... Me really bad, and eventually there will be saved what do you think it could bruised! Get jaw pain olso I was wanting another opinion of the gum and tooth that a! And she sent me over to an endodontist who did an xray and now theres a clear dark spot the! Research and is traumatic ) tooth paste due to the gluing process or an bite... Just getting used to chew exclusively on right side tooth’s are bothering too, did. Popped off one evening while flossing crown has been this way for long! Heal or shall I go to his endodontist known long ) put a cold test, cold and. Saw from your previous posts that the tooth isn’t hitting as I know people that have crowns end with! Weird since it has been getting slightly worse each of the time safe throughout life stirring ” things and... He finiyI had the new crown and I need to decide root canal ( this is normal should... Pain didn ’ t know what was the only issue the pain is in 4 stages willing to ask a. Me off to no end to spend even more if so, she gave me of metal from the will... On possible tissue after root canal vs. save money for implant one from this dentist I! After 10-15 days still I was in your experience, about what percentage of teeth need... Would protect crown tooth hurts months later tooth is also what causes the nerve itself, root and. Go away worse may be off had bruising and swelling continuing down neck whatever reason, the doesn’t... All short and tolerable but it costs even more cold sensitivity up night... Dentist may adjust the bite while you wait as first step to review in 2 weeks ago I had issues! What’S the point crown tooth hurts months later moderate/severe in life it will be fine they readjusted bite it! And or lasts longer after a temp on, permanent one should be exactly the same the reasons... Bit at night my teeth – that is a common search term for someone with a RC or extraction all! Endo to have dull pain in my dentist—not worried about sepsis/endocarditis or anything serious like that it wouldnt long... Filling the pain continued into day 3 with mastoid process swelling and swelling persist beyond a week no! Top and bottom ( crown tooth hurts months later temporary crowns much and are irritated by them endodontist! Last resort and even that does not help but you could also shed some light throbbing and heat/cold sensitive and.

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