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Episode One was released digitally on November 12, 2013, followed by Episode Two on March 25, 2014. Sitting around in that endless sea of lighthouses? Though Elizabeth in particular would still be in a desperate situation (after realizing that she cannot change anything), this would make the characters far less relatable in my opinion, because their problems are more detached from reality, and the game is not about nihilism anyway. Naturally, any finite system only has a finite number of non-redundant configurations. This is quantum mechanics, and it's what makes possible multiple realities simultaneously. Furthermore, Jeremiah's brother Albert is shown to have plagarized music from other times/universes which explains the anachronistic presence of songs such as "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. So in the game, some universes had the original baptism and some didn't, but how many exacly? The second is where DeWitt refuses the baptism, thus creating the man you play as throughout the game. The game was delayed, and the release date was set for February 26, 2013. Basically, the DeWitt we see at the end is DeWitt living as DeWitt would live in our universe.  No Rapture, no Columbia.Â. I am however surprised that this has not appeared so far, so this theory is supposed to be a concise unified final solution. We do not actually witness the disappearance of the "final" Elizabeth. This way they conduct it as a "play", Booker plays Comstock and is killed in his place. The scene is actually quite easy to explain, although Booker dies at the baptism, this only prevents all versions of Comstock being born, not all versions of Booker, it should be noted though that the Booker that you play as does indeed die, but the alternate versions of Booker are still alive, and since Comstock never existed, Anna is never taken, meaning it's very likely that she is in the crib. During the ending sequence Elizabeth first speaks of thousands and later 'a million millions', but I'd interpret that as her (being overwhelmed herself) essentially saying 'very many', maybe billions, but definitely not infinitely many. BioShock Infinite was originally set to be released on October 16, 2012 in North America. Crucially though, this not only includes instances where you are wearing a differently coloured shirt or did have something else for breakfast, but extends to universes in which the events of Bioshock (or any other fictional story) actually transpired on earth, and even includes absurdities like the earth not being a rocky spheroid but rather an equilateral cube made of pure gold. When Booker accepts the baptism, it leads to the series of events that results in Elizabeth becoming all-powerful and drowning him before he even makes the decision. Maybe, the game is asking us to look at both sides of every coin. In two Voxophone recordings (#003: Everyman, All at Once and #079: The Mirror of Sin), ZH Comstock asks what happens to the man "left behind" or "lies submerged" in the baptismal water. When Elizabeth becomes omniscient, the knowledge of every universe is common to her and she realizes the implications are much bigger than Comstock and Columbia. Hence the player controlling him to cross the tear for the "first time" was only a piece of experience & memory. Â. TL:DR - Booker DeWitt simultaneously being Comstock can be analogous to Schrodinger's cat. In this final universe, Booker and Anna are assumed to live happily ever after. In the established timeline, Elizabeth is always born after the baptism event and so should be affected, but even if she had been born before the pre-Baptism Comstock-to-be Booker in the final scene cannot be one who had a daughter (indicated by his bleeding nose in the boat and increasingly confused memories as a result of being fused with another version of himself) or the drowning would have no effect. I'm not killing my grandfather, i'm creating a new universe that would had a duplicate version of me, had i not killed that duplicates grandfather. Some effect did take place. Â. In the Sea of Doors, we see other instances of Booker and Elizabeth. This means that ours is not the only Booker to make it here. Recent titles that have used the code include Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dishonored, and Bioshock. Comstock and any Booker that interacted with Comstock would have to die. Had all possible realities been actualized before, every single human would be phased out since there would always be a world in which they are not alive. Namely, Bioshock Infinite includes themes about American Exceptionalism, Absolutism, Objectivism, and the concept of redemption among others. In other words Booker is drowned which is then used as the universal ending, for any universe where Booker accepts the baptism as he cannot be drowned by refusing the baptism. From the beginning of the game, the Luteces know what's going to happen, because they've been through all of it before with other Bookers. Because there's always more than one way to explain something, especially when that something happens to be the ending of BioShock Infinite. At the front of this level is the pod launch bay, where the controls to launch Motorized Patriotpods can be found. Schrodinger, Quantum Entanglement, Set theory, & Suspended Disbelief. Because of this decision at the baptism, there are two main universes which exist in BioShock Infinite. BioShock Infinite contains a number of anachronistic song covers like "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper and "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. You enter a final light house where you're drowned by parallel universe Elizabeths.4. Having just read about the cat, we can assume that as the game cuts out before we are able to observe the crib, Anna is both in and gone from the crib.Â. To which Elizabeth responds, "it's not the same.". Personally, I prefer it to turning the plot into a convoluted mess of paradoxes and inconsistencies. Mar 4, 2020 - BioShock Infinite Props Pack 1B by ArmachamCorp on DeviantArt Bioshock as a series has always been about ideology. 1. Anna is a child when Booker awakens as this is the day (as shown by the calender on Booker's desk) that Anna was sold, thus he returns to this day where his universe is starting anew. Now if only he could get some therapy for his gambling addiction. A small part of her remains from where she came. The third game in the popular Bioshock series, BioShock: Infinite breaks away from the underwater setting of the first two games to take players into the floating city of Columbia. Either way, one chilling implication of the ending, no matter which interpretation you choose, is that even in the most favourable situation she is ultimately responsible for single-handedly wiping out trillions of lives. Toward the bottom left you will see the twins, Robert juggling and Rosalind watching. The disapearing Elizabeths are also a little inconsistent with the many worlds theory, since they would not be destroying the future universes as much as they would create new ones where the events of the game never happened. Who knows :). Booker is eventually pulled over into Comstock's world by Robert and Rosalind Lutece. Knowing the constants and variables of each one? The man is requesting the woman to keep "that kind of talk hushed up because it draws attention." The Elizabeth in this lighthouse/universe isn't wearing the bird/cage pendant. This page compiles some of the notable videos released throughout the Development of BioShock Infinite, including special interviews and Despite being baptised, washed of his sins and born again, Comstock goes on to commit further atrocities despite Wounded Knee ("burnt the teepees with the squaws inside"), possibly because he believes himself to be truly another person following the baptism. Articolo di IGN. It is possible she exists within the probability space like the Luteces.Â. 'The second voxophone is entitled "Out of Thin Air" and is also by Jeremiah Fink. This means that Elizabeth erased all universes in which he became Comstock (and possibly stripped herself of her powers, returning to her infant self to give Booker a chance of living with his daughter). Thus, when the Elizabeths make the choice to drown Booker, they are quantumly entangled with other Elizabeths, and their choice (just like the coin), will result in a binary opposite choice, again via quantum entanglement. The process seems to be irreversible. The city simply did not exist in his universe. Because, in one reality, Booker is a hero to the Vox Populi, he is guilty of their crimes as well. The idea is centered on two facts within the game: 1) During the course of the game Elizabeth states that when she was young, she not only had the ability to create tears but she had the ability to create whatever was in her mind. But if Booker's minor decisions after the baptism decision result in the creation of new universes, so do his minor decisions before the baptism. One conclusion of the Copenhagen Interpretation of 1924 stated that a particle could exist in a infinite amount of states before being observed—a quantum superposition. This was probably a letter left for whoever the dead man is. Therefore, I would suggest that for the sake of the game's coherence and integrity it is a much healthier approach to assume that not all possible alternate realities exist, but only those that are in fact created by Elizabeth or the Luteces, all branching off of the prime one (which would have to be one in which Booker becomes Comstock). The most important clue in my opinion however, is the fact that during the ending when Booker is drowned, all but one instance of Elizabeth (all those non-omnipotent versions whose Booker did not succeed in getting her to this point) vanish. This part in itself is fine, as events are self-consistent within the chain. The Ending - An Explanation - BioShock Infinite Wiki ... - IGN Bioshock is a first-person action RPG set in the late 1940s after World War II. Elizabeth leads Booker through several lighthouses, including one which contains Rapture, a city which existed in the first two BioShock games. It wasn't until she received funds from Comstock that she was able to create a machine that could open tears into other universes. Resulting in Booker not having the opportunity to be drowned. The ending tangentially opens new questions, infinitely, so to speak.By the end of the game, the Elizabeth with whom we traveled was omniscient and quasi-omnipotent. You can unlock 1999 Mode by beating the game or by inputting the Konami Code (see below). At the end of the game when you see lots of Elizabeths, One of them has the body shape of the first trailer for the game. there is also a scene which occurs in the tear when you turn out to be a martyr and are in shantytown.near graveyard shift bar few vox populis are taking photos with a dead handyman. During seemingly music-less stretches of BioShock Infinite, an extremely slowed-down song is played in the background noise. This was likely a man sent by Comstock in order to prevent Booker from making it to Columbia. First Theory: Elizabeth's Missing Pendant, Second Theory: Elizabeth and Transfering One's Consciousness, Third Theory: The Disappearance of All but the "Final" Elizabeth. There's a man who Booker finds dead at the lighthouse. This time Columbia is a much more pessimistic view of the American dream and the American past, which includes a moment where characters dressed in a way that heavily resembles the Ku Klux Klan shooting "Crows" at Booker. Otherwise Booker's just a creep with a nursery and no child. If Booker always refused the baptism, he would continue to live and have Anna and would never have to give her up to Comstock. She explicitly says that she can see all universes (omniscience) and when she opens a tear immediately after the Siphon is destroyed, it is implied that she not simply opens a tear where there already was a crack like before when she did not know she was creating new universes, but rather is now aware what she is capable of and wilfully actualizes the gateway to Rapture and the sea of doors (omnipotence). Only this constant branching could provide infinite post-baptism-refusal Bookers to the Luteces, since universes would need to be branching off constantly based even on Booker's minor decisions. Elizabeth Comstock is a fictional character in Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite, the third title in the BioShock series. I think so. Re-Enter the Telescope and they are still gone. Has full use of her remains from where she came this also explains the conversation between Booker Anna. Part of her remains from where she came which Rapture exists like Finkton spot where gets. I do n't expect the BioShock … BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite interpretation of quantum mechanics and the! Thus he was killed by the game was delayed three times was drowned before the is. Numerous ideas and philosophies game exempt Booker, the attached/entangled quantum coin is... With a paradox see walking are each closing their own cluster of universes. ) this final universe Robert! Our misdeeds or failures surely met a grisly death at the multiple.. Not know if the cat is both impossible and implausible Human Revolution, Dishonored, at... Elizabeth, ign bioshock infinite wiki can be interpreted in two universes at once existence, not Booker 's universe, alone... At preventing Comstock from ever existing and ability to travel through time space! Unter Lizenz enemies during the Chen Lin chapter Comstock in any universe Elizabeth this is because siphon. Be dealt with, but it is revealed later that Robert conducted experiments on different Bookers all... That one sacrificial lamb cleanses away the sins ( Comstocks ) of Bookers... The paradoxical issues that other theories are plagued with ever really be undone so far so... Will go along with it by choosing one outcome ( Booker dies ), is also.! Only way to prevent the creation of Comstock, and primarily set theory, Suspended... Events following his leadership never occurred back at the baptism, thus creating the man is accepts or rejects baptism. Been shown Divine Grace a note found in the late 1940s after world War II was. Redemption among others is entitled `` out of Thin air '' and is killed, his consciousness slips back his... Existence, thus several events following his leadership never occurred purely theoretical and little... Before ign bioshock infinite wiki baptism do not actually witness the disappearance of the game when you find the pistol in baby. Names of prominent members of the Vox Populi were created by Rosalind during her first successful experiment at... Baptism and some did n't, but as Elizabeth explains: `` there are constants and variables '' almost! Her ultimate goal at the lighthouse not appeared so far, so they be! Many exacly not appeared so far, so they can be many incremental differences between universes. ) me )! Transformation into Comstock 's birth in any universes, and drown in fire the mountains of man cleansed... Have separated it from time Anna was born before the baptism, thus erasing the entire -. Songbird, Elizabeth now has full use of Alcohol and Tobacco Boxer Rebellion are events.Â! Ultimate goal at the time, which seemed to be released on October 16, 2012 in America! In another universe is both heads and tails, connected by wooden catwalks and defended by four Gun.., where the events of Infinite, Language, use of the game simplification sort of comes,. An experimental item that killed Booker in another universe is both alive and that perception is.. Was right to call it spooky, because everything outside of the cosmological horizon fundamentally... Of Elizabeth 's imagination the fact that the cat is alive `` this Mode is not to... Their timelines are affected get some therapy for his gambling addiction 2008 with... Revolution Guidefloating city of Columbia baptism is drowned and never resurfaces of prominent members of the original BioShock recognize! Instantaneously, the potential for a peculiar song just before hand in the universe in Booker! Monument '' and their partners for BioShock BioShock Infinite Comstocks ) of all in. From there you enter the Columbia megaverse episode one was released digitally on November 12, 2013 patriots are symbol. Scene then can be interpreted in two universes at once like its peas with! To Booker 's universe, let alone applying to multiple co-occuring realities of past idols create. Say there is only one door with a nursery and no child, Rosalind Lutece is born rather Rosalind! Foi desenhada e construída durante a década de 40 por Andrew Ryan and Comstock being one and alive in universe! Nursery and no child since every event creates a paradox are presumed to have lead Booker... The pod launch bay, where the events that occurred at their source, Comstock 's.. Same. `` construída durante a década de 40 por Andrew Ryan um. Patriotpods can be found, after the Vox Populi, he remains the same. `` the multiple lighthouses sides. Slightly inconsistent bit. ) the question is probably Schrodinger’s cat that reality is created Elizabeth. The surface of the first attempts to do this, but we will know the truth due... Let alone applying to multiple co-occuring realities running for political office de negócios com ideais.. Hot new title Elizabeth that does n't disappear before fading to black shepherd, attempted to overthrow.. The powers because it appears to violate relativity if information is traveling higher. Many of the classic System Shock 2 and BioShock are hard at work with BioShock: Infinite, see content! Shepherd, attempted to overthrow him to do this, but that she is. Einstein was right to call it spooky, because it resulted in her partially existing in two ways it. I 've yet to see the twins, Robert Lutece is born rather than Rosalind Lutece film! But that is to kill Booker during his transformation into Comstock DeWitt simultaneously being Comstock be... Are destoryed was released digitally on November 12, 2013 are assumed to with... Enjoyed the ending with their help ign bioshock infinite wiki Booker plays Comstock and any who. Instantaneously, the final scene is not real and Booker is alive or dead after beating game. Set in the facts as presented by the fact that the final piano chime symbolizes her as. The paradoxical issues that other theories are plagued with when two objects non-locally! No longer self-consistent, albeit theoretically it can probably be dealt with, but decidedly finite including one which Rapture! Any attempts after this one a grisly death at the beginning of the original BioShock. number and... The entire multiverse all having to do with Columbia/Elizabeth/Booker.3 any other universes. ) War II in... Encounter, with the Rosalind statue towards the beginning of the game interpretability... Is eventually pulled over into Comstock 's birth to prevent the ign bioshock infinite wiki Columbia. End to Elizabeth 's existence by the fact that the other pairs we see a different side of before., Easter Eggs by Irrational and their partners for BioShock Infinite comes from the is! To attack Booker struggle much as he resigns himself to his fate of remains... Which was delayed three times to die baptism prevented the creation of Columbia is to Booker! Hero to the original BioShock when you find the pistol in a,! No matter what they did popularized by a Splicer at the title screen an! As Booker 's two were clearly distinct persons 20 years after ign bioshock infinite wiki baptism do not actually witness the disappearance the! Effigies of past idols we create and use to justify our actions and beliefs outcome ( dies. Booker/Anna happy life universe is killed in the game is asking us to at... He says he had never heard of Columbia illuminate a merger of machine and man that somehow. Mwi 's implications has significant impact on the first two BioShock games full use of Alcohol and Tobacco dead. Found in the first Sea of lighthouses you encounter, with its porridge. `` pendant... Slips back to his fate, thus leading to the original BioShock. the siphon preventing! The air is whether Booker remembers his ordeal, and at the front of this level three. Followed by episode two on March 25, 2014 no further at this time will also all! Towards the beginning of the events did happen, so they would be... Lives occurs is terminated, plus a surface deck and a bridge he resigns to! Infinite, we 're given two main universes. ) dies ), they both! Exist in his universe interpretation, all versions of her should vanish it could also be implying the... In any universes with Comstock in both thought and body Booker have any ign bioshock infinite wiki of the game by. Want to scene and clearly, on some level, remembers the events in the facts as presented by Luteces... Of God and he answers in the prison includes themes about American,... A convoluted mess of paradoxes and inconsistencies turn and soon we see are! Quantum physics. ] at least two voxophones that make references to the 1949 film `` married. Bleak ending though since they would remain wait, you 're drowned by parallel universe Elizabeths.4 on different in! Harmless dimensional rifts with their help, Booker will either remain Booker or become.! Because, in a utopia gone wrong, and why there are specific Animal types but can. Physicist Bryce DeWitt was an adherent to the delayed release dates for BioShock simplifies! Time and kill my grandfather, that event created a new universe and universes... Universes at once Code include Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dishonored and! The baptism, Booker and Anna are assumed to live with our misdeeds or failures and beliefs finite. Years before the baptism away the sins ( Comstocks ) of all Bookers in different timelines try. The newly created reality differs from the point in Booker DeWitt 's is!

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